⚡️A little trick for carpenters 😎👍 Cool Tools in action! 

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7 cze 2021



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Tyler Eyman
Tyler Eyman 4 dni temu
Yeah because glue is going to hold that together long term
Acaidia 3 dni temu
The glue isn’t the problem but regardless quality glue lasts a long time.
Dragonslayer McReedy
This is joinery not carpentry.
VTP 6 dni temu
i feel dumber now
Мирзо Турсун-Заде
Thanks @kuvaldaru for taking the time to make this! Was definitely fun to watch 🤣
Reticulum Infirma
Or you could glue it like a normal human. I’m sick of these clickbate videos full of “wow that’s a cool idea” type tricks that are actually just really pointless.
a bee
a bee 6 dni temu
I know nothing about construction or carpentering but whenever I watch these videos it's so funny seeing the whole comment session dissing it
Emil Gnatowski
Emil Gnatowski 7 dni temu
ChilliX 7 dni temu
As a former carpenter I would have done a traditional tenon and mortise plain and simple
RIP XS 7 dni temu
The choice of song says it all people.
Elias Persson
Elias Persson 7 dni temu
No carpenter would ever see this, they working instead of doing this shit for views
neel 0011
neel 0011 8 dni temu
Wrong song use
Blake Dekavallas
Blake Dekavallas 8 dni temu
Jeffrey raes
Jeffrey raes 9 dni temu
just use a dovetail
Leonardo Cardenas
Yes very smart keep up the good work man 😎👍 Lol jk this is bad and stupid
Drako Yamazaki
Drako Yamazaki 10 dni temu
Seen this tip on another channel
SKY FALL 10 dni temu
Please never play that garbage music again
Itsa1orSo 10 dni temu
I saw this same some here else
shmeb 10 dni temu
or you could use biscuits, or a rabbet and shoulder with screws, or even a mortise and tenon, or you know anything that fuckin normal people use
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 10 dni temu
I hate this song
Donasaurio [GD]
Donasaurio [GD] 10 dni temu
the song from the video is called: you like that, By blanck pink
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies 10 dni temu
OMG “Babe, Baaaaabe, don’t call the the carpenter im going to build Daisies Walk in doll house myself” R.I.P Daisy you will be forever remembered 🥞
VideoGameGun4Hire 10 dni temu
Dog shit
Ely Eli
Ely Eli 10 dni temu
I build cabinets for a living and 90% is mostly screws and/or nails for joinery. This is not a structurally sound joint. Too much chance for the wood to split. The only time we use dowels is to bury a screw hole for a clean finish. This is not a life hack. This is just someone being a hack for views
EX50 10 dni temu
"Tool Master" huh?
Akhil Raj
Akhil Raj 10 dni temu
and a horizontal kick will do
Tom Scott
Tom Scott 10 dni temu
Great heard of a half lap joint?! Because that’s a lot better 🤬😂
ДИМОН Ко 10 dni temu
Спасибо за дельный совет!
007 11 dni temu
Made in china
Alex •
Alex • 11 dni temu
Jayu laike tat
Jake Harvey
Jake Harvey 11 dni temu
From a carpenter, i would never use this joint
KenjiMege 11 dni temu
Just need a little bit of force on the flat Face then it'll get off
Scott Pollock
Scott Pollock 11 dni temu
This song is so fucking bad
DRINK 11 dni temu
So he just filled in wood with more wood? And tapped it with a hammer? Bad ass 🥴
Seimic !
Seimic ! 11 dni temu
Bro no self respecting carpenter would do that
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 11 dni temu
OK my guy I don’t know if you know this But I come from a long line bricklayers and carpenters and there’s a little secret called screws
ClrMiniaturas 11 dni temu
Pyrotekniks 11 dni temu
Just wanted to add how awful your craftsmanship is. At least align the damn holes
Zancoth 11 dni temu
That just looks ugly.
Coins!!!!!! Baby!!!!!!
#1 I’m a carpenter and we’d just cut a new piece
Abdul J
Abdul J 11 dni temu
I think tenon mortise would have sufficed, if that's taking to long then some pocket joins and some filler... No need to reinvent the wheel here, but I get that it's a neat trick if only it were as strong as i thought it was going to be but keep it up trying something new doesn't hurt, that is how new concepts become known.
Babuino Severo 69
Babuino Severo 69 11 dni temu
black pink
Jamie Gleaves
Jamie Gleaves 11 dni temu
Not even a second into the video. Dog shit joint.
TheBagelBoy Jr
TheBagelBoy Jr 11 dni temu
I don’t like that
Johannes Lodahl
Johannes Lodahl 11 dni temu
I like what i see but i had to mute the sound
위동연 11 dni temu
You should leave a song source.
Александр Перец
Ебать ты волшебник
Tempestive 12 dni temu
Lol silly
Paul Shevlin
Paul Shevlin 12 dni temu
Cut the joint properly in the first place then no need for wooden dowels,tip for carpenters my arse , no real carpenter / joiner would do that in first place
beans 12 dni temu
Why did you make a pp
Nob ody
Nob ody 12 dni temu
An engineer must have came up with this. Because its overly complicated for something theres already a simple solution for.
wmfwoodworking 12 dni temu
Bonus points for creativity . keep it up man
Abdul J
Abdul J 11 dni temu
@Pyrotekniks lol. Dude it's the most amazing thing
Pyrotekniks 11 dni temu
@Abdul J no it’s a horrible idea Abdul why does someone get bonus points for a bad idea it should be negative points
Abdul J
Abdul J 11 dni temu
Your a true woodworker everyone else is trash talking, as a woodworker myself you and I can both appreciate the creativity someone else has put in to create something outside of the box... even if it be not the greatest idea..
wmfwoodworking 12 dni temu
I'll give the person credit for trying and coming up with something that they felt was new and unique. That being said I agree with most of the comments that it may not be the most useful or strong joint.
Tommy B
Tommy B 12 dni temu
Skipped cuz the song.
Elias Ainsworth
Elias Ainsworth 12 dni temu
The music sucks and the tip sucks
Glockamole 12 dni temu
Why does every video have to have music over it
DewGames 12 dni temu
I’m gonna kms if I hear this song again.
Anna Hinly
Anna Hinly 13 dni temu
The cost of that dowel and glue is probably as much as a braket and some screws
Ethan 13 dni temu
I hate these videos, but I love the people shitting on them in the comments. Bless you people
Baby Rays Bussin Kitchen
Well no shit
E36 420
E36 420 13 dni temu
*literally 0 fucking point.*
Арсеній Гаїна
Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot
The hardest thing would be to first make that hole bruh wth
Ethan Gray
Ethan Gray 13 dni temu
Loads of people are saying screws... couldn’t he just... use the glue he actually used as well? But just like... glue the part into place? Not done any wood working myself so no clue if that can’t be done but it just seems easier.
aj_ramirez 13 dni temu
Why not jst put some screws on it! Make the holes as always so the wood doesn’t crack and done!
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 14 dni temu
I legit hate all these moronic shorts... NOBODY DOES THIS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ricer XP
Ricer XP 14 dni temu
Ugliest joint I’ve ever seen
Николай Маргвелашвили
Пойду сделаю такое же крепление
Nadim shah
Nadim shah 14 dni temu
No I don't like that
GenericName 14 dni temu
Wait till someone bends it the other way
Zoran Redic
Zoran Redic 14 dni temu
I don't know what's worse , that god awful brain hemmorhage inducing music or you'r shitty attempt at carpentry , lol
Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett 14 dni temu
Too bad it looks like shit
Greg Fakerson
Greg Fakerson 14 dni temu
i’m not a carpenter or a handy guy in general-and this has to be the worst idea anyone ever had. so wobbly, so insecure... from an engineering standpoint it’s so lazy yet more work, and higher cost yet more breakage. no human would ever do this
Jonathan Clark
Jonathan Clark 14 dni temu
A mortise and tenon would be so much better and you can cut that shit with hand tools wtf am I looking at
Gillie Monger
Gillie Monger 14 dni temu
Looser than the loosest thing that's ever been loose. Made by a loser.
Uno_Card9 14 dni temu
Thanks for teaching people what not to do
Seth Campbell
Seth Campbell 14 dni temu
I’m not even a carpenter and I know that’s terrible
Oaisus 14 dni temu
The logo doesn't match the channel. Did someone really go out of their way to steal such mediocre content?
Special Officer Doofy
Looks awful.
crucetas 14 dni temu
Marc D
Marc D 14 dni temu
What’s the point of the shitty song in the background?
Alex Helding pedersen
Cant he just pull it up
Swivel Shivel
Swivel Shivel 14 dni temu
Besides the fact that you got screws to use, considering you seem to have a few loose here, you don’t even line those pegs up to where they’re even
DangIt_Red 14 dni temu
Can’t it just come out from the front?
MrReckless1978 14 dni temu
This guy just got off the short bus, yet the video gets 20k likes🙄🙄🙄
Tyler Hannah
Tyler Hannah 14 dni temu
The music is god awful. Absolutely terrible!
DeltaLeader89 14 dni temu
Imagine having brain cells...
TTT TT 14 dni temu
This is satire right?😂
Hazed 14 dni temu
This is the closest thing to welding with wood
Hazed 14 dni temu
You can see he's not stressing it right, he's pushing pulling the blank instead of trying to bend that weird wood weld
Bruh 14 dni temu
How can you call your channel tool master?
I agree with your user too it match with the video
Jeff X
Jeff X 14 dni temu
I built a trailer hitch using your technique. I can’t wait to use it. Thanks.
Pyrotekniks 11 dni temu
Can’t wait to see the short #subscribed
Ryan Wollum
Ryan Wollum 14 dni temu
Go back to Tik Tok and teach Gen Z kids how to lower their property value. The PLsun audience is much more discerning and thinks you're the cancer of this earth :)
RaBBit TT 14 dni temu
Not good Work Bro - you have two left Hands 🙄
Jonathan Sauceda
Jonathan Sauceda 14 dni temu
The wobbly lever
bigsoup743 14 dni temu
Clearly can’t hide a screw 🧐🧐😔😔
joeyripswell 14 dni temu
in the machine shop we used something like this. it wasn’t to create a joint though. it was to lock in a threaded rod. iirc the boss called it a “dutchman” miss those days
CryptoHustler 14 dni temu
That's not quite a Dutchman.....
Station_92 15 dni temu
I wonder who's the next PLsunr that's gonna make another video exactly like this(?)
Wut 15 dni temu
No way this guy is a “tool master” lmao
mdlyonn 00
mdlyonn 00 11 dni temu
He certainly is a tool, I’ll give him that
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