Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight goes the distance [Highlights, recap] | CBS Sports HQ 

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Watch the highlight from the Mayweather-Paul bout, plus get the full reaction from the Morning Kombat team on the action.

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6 cze 2021



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Syed Salman
Syed Salman 44 minut temu
money is the real winner
Mr L
Mr L Godzinę temu
What a disgrace to boxing and what a crap show. Mayweather did not even bother trying at all, Logan tried as hard as he could n had to get held up most of the fight by Mayweather. 🤣 What a joke the Paul Brothers are disgracing fighting.
Sweet addiction to awesomeness
Are those pillows or boxing mits? 😄😆😅🤣
Cassie 3 godzin temu
It’s either you win or you lose, neutrality is futile
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey 6 godzin temu
All I see is haters in the comments who would never step in the ring with Floyd, let alone make it 8 rounds. Get real, people
Naruto loves Sasuke
Naruto loves Sasuke 6 godzin temu
I think logan paul needs a hug
Levi Blount
Levi Blount 10 godzin temu
How can anyone take this seriously... its a reality show
Bobby the don
Bobby the don 10 godzin temu
Mayweathers daddy is Marvin haglar ...i dont think he knows it tho
Cassie 3 godzin temu
This is business 🤣🤣
P4F Ace
P4F Ace 12 godzin temu
Logan Paul won Floyd has always been a loser without money
Britt Nicole
Britt Nicole 13 godzin temu
I’m in the fn matrix lol 😂 what is happening!!! 🤪 but Logan looks hot 💚
Darrion Williams
Darrion Williams 14 godzin temu
Floyd was like : I was only using 50% lol Took our money and gave it all to them
Shift Focus Entertainment
Brisa Gonzales
Brisa Gonzales 18 godzin temu
Hola soy de argentina estoy en situación de calle con mi hija de 4 años la estoy pasando muy mal, hace frio acá. Si alguien puede ayudar por favor se lo agradecería 🙏 bendiciones
Desert Leaf
Desert Leaf 18 godzin temu
Old man vs Young Adult. Old man may not have the power he used to, but his shots are clean!
Kilang Ats
Kilang Ats 19 godzin temu
Logan did a great job blocking those punches with his face 🤣
Adam Ramirez
Adam Ramirez 19 godzin temu
What a joke
David Poul
David Poul 21 godzinę temu
I love how Floyd Mayweather always will state an excuse and then right behind the excuse he made will then say “there’s no excuses” and then follow it up with another excuse 💯 FACTS…He is the epitome of someone that makes excuses consistently… He is the epitome of the label OVERRATED … He is the epitome of BITCH~MADE…if he actually got in the ring and had the 🥜 to 🥊 somebody that had LEGITIMATE SKILLS/punching power and talent he would be eating the canvas within 5-6 rounds… if referees ACTUALLY called fights correctly instead of bailing him out and saving his ass every time he got in trouble against his opponent Floyd Mayweather would’ve been knocked out several times, in my opinion, in his career… fighting in your hometown of Las Vegas with the same referees (Who are no doubt on some type of payroll from him I don’t care what anybody says) on your payroll consistently being the refs for your matches TREMENDOUSLY insure/help you stay on your feet, undefeated, and allow you to leave every fight unblemished…but again I digress…🤦🏻‍♂️
David Poul
David Poul 21 godzinę temu
How amazing would it have been at Floyd actually for a legit contender in their prime and not had a referee gift him points or wins and opportunities by consistently allowing Floyd via numerous amount of opportunities to rest and breaking up clinches that didn’t benefit Floyd yet allowing clenches and dirty boxing that did benefit Floyd but I digress… I’m not saying Floyd isn’t a great technical boxer but I am saying that he is absolutely 100% a bitch made pretend champion that absolutely fart zero legit contenders in their prime… Anyone that thinks Floyd Mayweather actually thought someone in their prime or actually allowed a legit challenger to step in the ring with him is not only biased but also ABSOLUTELY ignorant
Steven Jones
Steven Jones 23 godzin temu
I’d fight mayweather for 10 million!! Where do I sign??
HELL GaMerSz Dzień temu
This is business 🤣🤣
kumar Dzień temu
JACK HONEY Dzień temu
Floyd fucking sucks 100% he looked like a kid that just trained and he threw about ten punched
Javier Duran
Javier Duran Dzień temu
"That guy"
Benny Sum
Benny Sum Dzień temu
The guy has 40lb weight advantage and still lost?!
kenramz Dzień temu
Mans just hugging him the entire fight
Danny & Jalen
Danny & Jalen Dzień temu
I’d pay a lot, to watch Paul vs Pacman 😂😂
Elnene Dzień temu
Samet Civan
Samet Civan Dzień temu
Who won?😂
Kundai Unique Online [Duck]
Rj HOWARD Dzień temu
wtf were logans punches in round one.. hes punching like how a kid punches when he doesnt get his way
wrsantos Dzień temu
Let’s be honest, if we wanted to see a real knockout, pacquiao should of been in there with Paul. That would’ve been a better show, since the best boxer in the world couldn’t knock out a PLsunr that was 0-1.
sean moore
sean moore Dzień temu
So what mayweather was giving away like 60lbs. Go fight a boxer who fights at 190 who's not 44.
Mike Tyson said that it was a wonderful Exposition and that Floyd Mayweather should continue it bringing in other boxers. These dudes just afraid of losing money and we'll already spiteful boxing industry
Worthless negative commentary it was an exposition he wasn't supposed to try to knock the dude out and Mayweather when he had 27 knockouts the majority of his fights were one throughout boxing people as he did tonight in an exposition if it was anybody else they would not be saying the big winner was palled it would be how expertly the other fighter out box Paul and how he had shown restraint and not knocking him out because it was an exposition man that racism Run Deep
On the 8th day of Christmas Logan had gave to me 8 rounds of hugging
777 Xxx
777 Xxx Dzień temu
Remember all this sht happens because the public are brain dead from education.. Your nothing but profit for someone and a tool to be used, your stock aka livestock that is no different from a farm animal
Shift Focus Entertainment
NoahGetTheBoat Dzień temu
Skillbased match-making be like:
Stuart k. Nelson
Stuart k. Nelson 2 dni temu
Aaron Bankster
Aaron Bankster 2 dni temu
The only person that lost that night was the gold digger that slept with Logan Paul’s goofy looking brother
A Zanny
A Zanny 2 dni temu
Since when was DJ Khaled a boxing ref?
Chris Branch
Chris Branch 2 dni temu
Logan was faster than we all thought was. He was also hugging a lot when he found out that he did not have the energy to do another 4 rounds. 🥊
Cesar Del Campo
Cesar Del Campo Dzień temu
He was close up and and personal Because he is taller and heavier so Mayweather had to just block the punches until he got a good blow
Enjoy Life
Enjoy Life 2 dni temu
is this dude Floyd really a champion??never watched boxing before...but he looked slow asf and had no punching power at so how he a champion??competition must be joke in that division...he cant even ebat some youtuber that dont know how to box....i would KO both of these bums at same day
Ardian Pilapil
Ardian Pilapil 2 dni temu
Ahhh scripted hahaha
Mayweather is a case to show that an undefeated boxer can humiliate a professional boxers by losing from youtuber
Lucapotamus Thomasmus
How do people participate in commentary like this without names and tittles displayed on the screen? Drives me nuts!
Rick Clegg
Rick Clegg 2 dni temu
Aditya 2 dni temu
Logan sucks
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis L
Boxing has gone to the toilet with those pathetic matches. Time to bring back the gladiators. Fight to the death, no compromises.
sam mehlberg
sam mehlberg 2 dni temu
Not saying I could do it, but dude it's not impressive that you could hang with a dude twice your age and with every physical advantage over your opponent.
Omarexpress 2 dni temu
Now!, Logan Paul vs Mike Tyson???
Kristoffer Adelbrant
13% hit rate. "I won" hahahah
Gerge Himon
Gerge Himon 2 dni temu
Paul's trainer must of been hollyfield he has the same statagy get off his flurry and grab his opponents arms or hold I don't care for these fights it's boxing not holding.
JUDAH TRIBE 2 dni temu
tanong mo si ako
tanong mo si ako 2 dni temu
next mayweather vs Silva if you want money instead of legacy?
New Guy
New Guy 2 dni temu
Logan Paul won
Austin Monroe
Austin Monroe 2 dni temu
Wow. Terrible fight.
keon Solomon
keon Solomon 2 dni temu
"Televised robbery" - Floyd Mayweather 2021
aimee veenstra
aimee veenstra 2 dni temu
This man swings like a child that’s angry you took his toy away
CJ Zanders
CJ Zanders 11 godzin temu
How long did Floyd train for this fight ?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 dni temu
I love how people know Floyd is just playing.
lol splash
lol splash 2 dni temu
You or
Timaja Mattocks
Timaja Mattocks 2 dni temu
It’s either you win or you lose, neutrality is futile
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 2 dni temu
I wanna fight Mayweather but I ain't got no money lol I guarantee I'd give him a show
Turkey Baster
Turkey Baster 3 dni temu
When playing Mortal Combat with your girl and she hits the kick in the knee button as fast as she can and whoops your ass then as it calls “Finish Him!” She delivers one more kick to the knee instead of doing a Fatality Move.
ThornedUp 3 dni temu
Logan Paul, who fought only two fights with KSI leaving with a record of 0-1 challenges Floyd Mayweather Jr., a former boxing champion with an undefeated streak of 50-0.
Isabella Saucier
Isabella Saucier 3 dni temu
Logan should line up a fight with Mike Tyson. A real boxer not pussy foot Mcgee Floyd Mayweather the first dance instructor to go undefeated in boxing.. ps Logan might lose an ear Mike doesn't like hugs
blackburnbaylor 3 dni temu
That Left Hook @1:51 🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
blackburnbaylor 3 dni temu
Geovanni Campos
Geovanni Campos 3 dni temu
Go Mayweather
Chicken and Pizza
Even if Floyd was know to fight the distance he still had a lot of earlier round KO's and even with the huge weight difference and I know Paul trained and had previous wrestling experience I feel like the fight was purposely dragged out.
Quinten J
Quinten J 3 dni temu
Everytime Logan got hit he thanked Mayweather with a nice friendly hug
moramochi 2 dni temu
he forgave him 🌸🌸🦈
Tony Regalado
Tony Regalado 3 dni temu
Why doesn't Logan Paul jump in the octagon? This fight was a joke.
RATCH3T 3 dni temu
This fuckin guy
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 3 dni temu
The guys at the end act as if Mayweather doesn't know his age and it's some sort of wake up call? Wake up call for what? I'm sure he's well aware of his age, Mayweather straight up outperformed and outmunuvered logan paul, and they say he's old give me a break!
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 3 dni temu
When the fight stats came up, omg, I lost it.
No B
No B 3 dni temu
Blows my mind people still defend Logan after that performance yea it went the distance good for him but it wasted our mfn time and money for those that payed
Sedric Shockley
Sedric Shockley 3 dni temu
I see a lot of people in the comments who know nothing about fighting. Floyd Mayweather washed Logan Paul like dirty underwear. Anyone who says otherwise is either a hater or retarded
Jimmy Bien Aime
Jimmy Bien Aime 3 dni temu
ya boi J
ya boi J 3 dni temu
Sad that I lost a bet but hey floyd did very good. Also I'm not happy about it 😕
Philip Sanders
Philip Sanders 3 dni temu
Big who cares ?????????????????????
Eric John
Eric John 3 dni temu
Whoever paid to watch're a tool just like Paul
beef nacos
beef nacos 3 dni temu
lol the guy narrating doesn't understand boxing.
Hey Buddies
Hey Buddies 3 dni temu
I didnt even know this actually happened til today. What a who gaf affair
AVE - 3 dni temu
You live under a rock?
10 minutes of hugging
Charlton Oniñeza
Shi 3 dni temu
I think people are forgetting that this is an exhibition fight.
Xxnotarianna01xX 3 dni temu
F*** yeah.😊
KEL_THE_SLACKER 3 dni temu
Yeah ok go ahead and dig up the moral victory lol
leeD S
leeD S 3 dni temu
at the end Floys like fool don't hug me
Fern Perez
Fern Perez 3 dni temu
Just you wait Floyd Mayonnaise, I'll be ready for what is a challenge.
P K 3 dni temu
Floyd know white peoples will pay big money hoping that he loses lol
Crystal Ray
Crystal Ray 3 dni temu
SkunkFlick 3 dni temu
We got highlights and recap here, nice. But where the bloopers?
Gregory Long
Gregory Long 3 dni temu
Idiocracy is our reality. Such a sad state.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 dni temu
"I know it's Mayweather, but $20m is $20m"
Barney Weiss
Barney Weiss 3 dni temu
My nine-year-old nephew could bounce this idiot and Mayweather couldn't put him away? What a joke. Floyd's a disgrace.
OkEmilia 3 dni temu
That thumbnail was a huge exxaggeration.
Big Drako
Big Drako 3 dni temu
Logan came in with a weight. Height and reach advantage and still ran the entire match or just tried to like lay on floyd lol. Tried to hype it up about how he went the distance, floyd isnt known for knocking his opponents out a lot of his matches go the distance he just always wins. Lol
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