HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell 

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January 2nd, 2021 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

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2 sty 2021



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Komentarze 19 905   
Mystic Editor
Mystic Editor 15 godzin temu
Ryan doesn't have a chin. Got dropped by Luke imagine what will happen if gervonta connects.
Greg Martin Mata
Greg Martin Mata Dzie艅 temu
Garcia wants pacquiao but his fighting skills isn't enough
Alejandro Aziz
Alejandro Aziz Dzie艅 temu
nunca hab铆a visto un K.O. de Gancho al Dorsal, grande Raillan Garcia隆隆隆
PAC MAN Dzie艅 temu
Tank will stop this boy
WindyCity Racing
WindyCity Racing Dzie艅 temu
Ryan weak
THE GREATEST 2 dni temu
Garcia is flat footed and glass chin
Daniel Aguirre
Daniel Aguirre 2 dni temu
Bro imagine if garcia lost everone who beted on him fu**i lost moneu
David Erby
David Erby 3 dni temu
If Garcia doesn't start working on better movement it's just a matter of time before his time is up
YungLevi Official
their legs bro
fuhjrvr 3 dni temu
I don鈥檛 like Garcia rn he seems very risky. Dropping that right hand which gervonta will eat up.
Bela Chan
Bela Chan 4 dni temu
Here after Campbell Announce his retirement ?
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson 4 dni temu
Candy Preme
Candy Preme 4 dni temu
The unruly battery computationally carve because bulb happily peel versus a hard pancake. abortive, fragile climb
Alican 艦ahinkaya
Campell you are boxer or Natasha you don鈥檛 now how you making boxing kurwa???
喔樴笝喔о副喔掄笝喙 喙佮笀喙堗浮喔傅
MOLLETBEATS 5 dni temu
gselilkel 5 dni temu
Once again a Mexican fighter rolling the hook behind the head palming the equilibrium by boxing standard it's an illegal punch they all do this where do you think fury got it from
Kuboy Nba
Kuboy Nba 5 dni temu
Easy opponent but still got knockdown...and y'all comparing him with tank it's a shame...he and tank shouldn't be on the same sentence
Sahin A.
Sahin A. 6 dni temu
This kid is awesome ! What a fight respect to the both 鈥
JT REMIX 6 dni temu
B艂ackF艂ag 5 dni temu
Adam 6 dni temu
Planting his feet like his master canelo. Isn't quite ready to fight at that level yet. Both great fighters. Great fight.
Tchezin 6 dni temu
achei lento.
Jeremiah Uselton
Jeremiah Uselton 6 dni temu
Ryan whispered in his ear 鈥渢ake this dive i got a bag for you鈥 馃ぃ
Jose Victorino.
Jose Victorino. 6 dni temu
El alacr谩n
Alpha_ popeye2
Alpha_ popeye2 6 dni temu
The British always think there better then us
Diro Kameroon
Diro Kameroon 7 dni temu
Luke Campbel isnot like a fighter...
Michael Sholtz
Michael Sholtz 7 dni temu
That liver shot is no joke it can take down the best of them.
Bryce Evans
Bryce Evans 7 dni temu
I mean this was boring af
56 originalman
56 originalman 7 dni temu
Garcia should stay away from G.Davis.
robert adams
robert adams 7 dni temu
Campbell is no way the puncher than Tank Davis..
TJ Masemola
TJ Masemola 7 dni temu
This fight reminds me of the FLASH vs COBOLT BLUE,lol鈿♀潳锔忦煉
Haisheen 7 dni temu
7:32 the way Canelo looked at him
Ojou NIi Sama
Ojou NIi Sama 8 dni temu
Man I just get distracted by everything the whole fight I was just looking at luke鈥檚 legs and hot it looked so thin like a twig... I had to replay multiple times to see what happened when garcia got knocked down. Anyways this is just me being weird go back to scrolling in the comments.
MrMarco855 9 dni temu
I'm a bit surprised that Campbell's experience wasn't enough to stop Garcia once he knocked Ryan down. It's easy for me to be critical for sure but I think he should have anticipated that Ryan would become overly aggressive right away after the knock down. Garcia has a bit of an ego and a big rep, and because he's still young and not too experienced it was almost a given that he would overeact and try to get it back all at once. Luke should have laid for him for one full round, trying to time him when Ryan jumps forward with a big right hand. A quick step back and a big counter shot could have ended the fight, or at least put Campbell in more control thereafter. I guess the kid is a bit dangerous so it would have been too risky perhaps. I think as the underdog you have to have a unique strategy and a surprise along the way somewhere. Garcia would not have suspected that Luke was laying in wait after Ryan threw a few big shots and Luke didn't respond much. Ryan may have gotten too cocky thinking he came back and was okay and became a bit too careless as a result.
BallsDeep ALX
BallsDeep ALX 9 dni temu
Ryan Garcia has a stinger hook n jabo
Adrian Mejia
Adrian Mejia 11 dni temu
Gervonta vs ryan i want this fight happened
Josh Gulbas
Josh Gulbas 11 dni temu
鈥淪ergio, what do you think about that foot work?鈥
Metii 11 dni temu
Huda channelbarokah354
Kapan lah y many pacqiaou vs Rian Garcia
Tom D
Tom D 12 dni temu
Hey you have to give Garcia credit. That was a big left he ate. Got back up and kept going. Unfortunately his huge head might get in the way of what looks like real potential.
Mert Matan
Mert Matan 12 dni temu
n谋ce f谋ght!
Lorcan Samonte
Lorcan Samonte 13 dni temu
His opponent was slow and coward to attack continuously. This fight is boring
Great fight
DA Nko
DA Nko 13 dni temu
So now we know if Ryan鈥檚 got a chin or not he should not fight Tank
black jack1171
black jack1171 13 dni temu
Haney and Davis will destroy him
churarara1 13 dni temu
All ive got to say is nikita ababiy vs ryan garca! your welcome
Rishaan shaik
Rishaan shaik 13 dni temu
You saw the whole back vibrate when he hit the shot, you don鈥檛 mess with Ryan Garcia man, he鈥檚 a smart man.
Joeweld 13 dni temu
The only match I want to see is tank versus Ryan let鈥檚 go
taker 13 dni temu
teofimo vs tank is a better fight
KVEEZY 13 dni temu
Cambell should鈥檝e jumped on him Ryan speed dropped 10x after that knock down
Dennis 13 dni temu
Ryan the flat footed Garcia
JOSE ZELAYA 14 dni temu
7:34 Canelo That鈥檚 my boy 馃憣馃徎
Yunior Figueroa
Yunior Figueroa 15 dni temu
Bro Campbell could off gone for the ko but Ryan is too media calmpbell was p0aid to lose,its odd after fight Ryan dropped no fight after
sinner boxing
sinner boxing 15 dni temu
Im really shocked with the record he has when he still picks his back foot up like that
Crazy Chris Loves Retics
I'd like to see Garcia end Lomachenko's career lol
marque lims
marque lims 15 dni temu
Canelo taught him that body shot Facts
kaiji San
kaiji San 16 dni temu
I am suspicious if the ryan garcia is not on some EPO the kid never tired himself up contrarely to his opponent was dead tired at the end, you really need to be carefull with those so called "super star" they make these days ...
kaiji San
kaiji San 14 dni temu
@Sebastian Uchiha in europe doping is not as maintream as you think
Sebastian Uchiha
Sebastian Uchiha 14 dni temu
If you know anything about Kombat sports literally everybody is on something
NaturoPATHIC912 im a bitch
in this fight is a p**** Ryan Garcia can beat the s*** out of people
Not Trash
Not Trash 16 dni temu
Sniper Kyle
Sniper Kyle 16 dni temu
7:10 7:37
June One Buendia
June One Buendia 17 dni temu
Seeing this young lad kissed the canvass tells us that he's still human...great fight!!!
鞏缄荡霑岆Μ電旍矙 氚旊敂靸 欤届澊雱
Ebk Jmunna
Ebk Jmunna 17 dni temu
Ryan keeps his chin up I think Davis is to much for him I would like to see Ryan vs devin tho馃挴
Crow YT
Crow YT 17 dni temu
I never seen Ryan get dropped like that
J Vz
J Vz 17 dni temu
Minute 5:15 Eddy on the left angry af with Ryan Lol
_evin Booker
_evin Booker 17 dni temu
Ryan garcia is the "ronda rousey" of boxing. Wait till he fights world class opponents. This fight tbh exposed em. No head movement, flat footed. But we gotta give him credit. A win is a win.
ImGlad imYellow
ImGlad imYellow 15 dni temu
Chill, he just needs to train more. You鈥檙e an idiot if you think that he鈥檚 at his absolute best right now. He鈥檚 only gonna get better.
Ninja's Rose
Ninja's Rose 18 dni temu
Campbell exposed again! And by an inexperienced child. Career over!!! Every time he's stepped up he's fell short. Time to admit he's not world level. But Garcia would also be beat by the top guys at this weight, no question. He's too flat footed.
Trucker Gmoney
Trucker Gmoney 18 dni temu
Tank would knock Garcia out for sure
John Mahsiang
John Mahsiang 18 dni temu
I though that body shot was normal, but in slow motion, that shot will take piece of your soul.
Chris B
Chris B 18 dni temu
Excellent fight! This the type of fight that will help you grow and get to where you鈥檙e trying to go, or it鈥檒l break you!
pelea de mancos Zzzzz
Fernanda septyan Ilhamnudin 086
Ryan garcia vs kevin de bruyne
RollyBoyShowTime 19 dni temu
He definitely isn't ready for Tank Davis After seeing him get Dropped like that lol, Great Victory Tho he kept Fighting.
MadDog Mcgruder
MadDog Mcgruder 19 dni temu
It s kinda empty there....
Erhan Ayd谋n
Erhan Ayd谋n 20 dni temu
tam bir canelo vuru艧u = nakavt
Franz 20 dni temu
Garcia can't move straight back to avoid punches. If he had fought Pacquiao he would've gotten caught. If he fights Lopez or Haney he gets caught.
G T 20 dni temu
B. Campbell should've blitzed R. Garcia after the KD unlike the announcer's suggestion as R. Garcia has devastating power/speed despite being flat-footed. Tank can beat R. Garcia if he can get past the jab and D. Haney(beat him 2x in the Amateurs) can beat him if doesn't get caught like he did vs. Linares. But, I feel R. Garcia beats Teo due to the speed/reach advantage as Teo didn't KO Nakatani due to his size.
Chad Dorethy
Chad Dorethy 20 dni temu
Garcia is a super star no doubt. This young man will become a legend. Kid has got a punch like Tyson did.
DR. Mighty Quinn
DR. Mighty Quinn 20 dni temu
Gervonta "Tank" Davis will DESTROY Garcia! Garcia talking all that smack! Can't take a punch! He keeps his head straight up, and tank will knock him out!
vulturu07 20 dni temu
Taxable_ Trophy
Taxable_ Trophy 20 dni temu
Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed 20 dni temu
No one can come infront of Ryan Garcia
Bin Laden minute 3:28馃椊馃洬馃彊锔
Norden Sherpa
Norden Sherpa 20 dni temu
Ryan's got a whole lotta things to work on
Raghuveer Dubagunta
Raghuveer Dubagunta 21 dzie艅 temu
That was a nasty livershot. Campbell's body just got shocked.
982 Dannyy
982 Dannyy 21 dzie艅 temu
4:48 badass combo
x Elijah
x Elijah 21 dzie艅 temu
Glass chin.
Diego Medina
Diego Medina 21 dzie艅 temu
@2:39 what made Ryan have a mental breakdown
WATTS GANG7 21 dzie艅 temu
Campbell was horrible. Ryan ain鈥檛 it y鈥檃ll馃う馃従鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆锯嶁檪锔
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe 21 dzie艅 temu
Jesus loves you guys!
elas melas
elas melas 22 dni temu
I guess garcia just hit puberty he still scared of pitbull fight. He went into hiding
iiTibo 22 dni temu
馃槀 Ryan went into depression after this knock down. He doesn鈥檛 wanna get back in the ring cause he scared to get hit again 馃ぃ
Maxi Medina
Maxi Medina 4 dni temu
But he won by ko 馃ぃ
Aiko 7 dni temu
bruh what ? you weird鈿帮笍
Zack Linton
Zack Linton 17 dni temu
But he got up and won 馃槶 he even knocked him down 馃槶
Jo Frazier
Jo Frazier 17 dni temu
馃棧馃棧Facts And he thinks can beat Davis No way馃挴馃幆
Adilson Simao
Adilson Simao 22 dni temu
That knock down is a reminder that Rhyan is not invincible!
kronic 17 dni temu
@Elias Zuniga that's what casuals see馃榿
Elias Zuniga
Elias Zuniga 17 dni temu
@kronic i dont follow track..
kronic 18 dni temu
@Elias Zuniga floyd?馃
Elias Zuniga
Elias Zuniga 18 dni temu one is!
E S 22 dni temu
Haney Garcia needs to happen
Amador Ciervo
Amador Ciervo 22 dni temu
Glass chin
Supreme 23 dni temu
What a amazing fight:]
Ephraim Phiri
Ephraim Phiri 23 dni temu
Ryan needs to up his game if he's gonna fight Teo Lopez and Geovanti Davis
Adam Mammana
Adam Mammana 23 dni temu
Garcia won鈥檛 make the same mistake again. See gets up and stops him with a body shot.
drb166 23 dni temu
Tough fight, but Ryan Garcia taking down Campbell with a liver shot is amazing. That's GGG territory, but at a much lighter weight. Wow!
Jadlind gaming
Jadlind gaming 23 dni temu
Ryans fall is how i fell when i went on the skate park for the first time and tried ro drop down
Pumzile Mali
Pumzile Mali 24 dni temu
wy艣wietle艅 54M