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Norway is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Enjoy this 4K relaxation film across the Norway's most beautiful regions. From the endless Fjords to the stunning Lofoten Islands, Norway's landscapes have so much to offer.
Special to Simon Braeck for helping with footage. He has a great channel with plenty of videos from Norway -
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9 sty 2021



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Komentarze 99   
Krishna Priya
Krishna Priya 4 godzin temu
Idou Bak
Idou Bak 6 godzin temu
Joana Vaz
Joana Vaz 7 godzin temu
Quem compõe esta maravilhosa música?
Matt Evers
Matt Evers 7 godzin temu
i love Norway
CatalystResources ~ SophiaRose
Magical journey and I only got 20 minutes through and was jumping out of my chair so I could go there! What a wondrous concept you have developed, very well done so thank you! 💕
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 5 godzin temu
Thanks so much Sophia! Where should I do next?
Into The Nature
Into The Nature 9 godzin temu
Into The Nature
Into The Nature 9 godzin temu
Kamali P.L.
Kamali P.L. 10 godzin temu
Beautiful Country !!!!! If i have a chance ... I enthusiatic to enjoy the beauty of NORWAY...
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 5 godzin temu
Thanks Kamali!
8k Scenes
8k Scenes 11 godzin temu
So beautiful view
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 5 godzin temu
Thanks mate!
ari kadek
ari kadek 12 godzin temu
atmospheric black metal
Peaceful Relaxation
Peaceful Relaxation 15 godzin temu
Sorry to disturb your scroll. We don’t know each other, but i wish you al the best in life and may all things work out in your favor ❤️
hakim visiting places
hakim visiting places 16 godzin temu
Harish Chandra
Harish Chandra 21 godzinę temu
So beautiful place, from India
Harish Chandra
Harish Chandra 21 godzinę temu
Like a heaven...I am from India
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 19 godzin temu
Thanks Harish!
Nadeem Arif
Nadeem Arif 21 godzinę temu
wena hamadema
wena hamadema 21 godzinę temu
I am from srilanka 🇱🇰 i love norway my fevorit country
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 19 godzin temu
I need to visit your country!
Jagul Patel
Jagul Patel 22 godzin temu
Great relaxation music 🎤 #sleepyrelaxation
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 19 godzin temu
Thanks Jagul!
Artyom Pak
Artyom Pak 23 godzin temu
For some unknown reasons I think that Norway is the best country to attend and one day I will!
another one
another one 23 godzin temu
Song 10:11?
👽 Dzień temu
Johan Fasth
Johan Fasth Dzień temu
I miss Norway and I will move there one day, from Sweden!
Kal fatinson
Kal fatinson Dzień temu
The calm mail inexplicably lighten because recess revealingly complain sans a gainful bowling. gainful, feeble feigned specialist
The Rey
The Rey Dzień temu
Very Nice. Thanks.
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 19 godzin temu
Thank you too!
Rahma Hs Yustaim
Rahma Hs Yustaim Dzień temu
Masya Allah... Thanks for the video..
Scenic Relaxation
Scenic Relaxation 19 godzin temu
My pleasure
Tobias S.
Tobias S. Dzień temu
Beautiful Country!!! Wonderful film!!!
Musaib Shaykh
Musaib Shaykh Dzień temu
radusito santa
radusito santa Dzień temu
adhijit kundu
adhijit kundu Dzień temu
I want to marry a girl from Norway and have a beautiful life...and contribute to this beautiful nature..
Kenji Miao
Kenji Miao Dzień temu
"Mornin, Nice Day for Fishing aint it? Huh-Hah!"
Alan Lee
Alan Lee Dzień temu
Obscure Reference
Obscure Reference Dzień temu
Anyone else here just wanna see Norway and thinks all this ASMR shit is idiotic?
Sene Xu
Sene Xu Dzień temu
The furry furtive sailor feraly follow because change internationally guarantee without a wiggly psychology. mindless, terrific test
Naturaleza Música Relajante
Si lees este comentario, vas a aprobar el próximo examen, les deseo muchísima suerte y ya verán que si se puede!!😊
Calming And Relaxing Chilling Music Best
Love this very much
Drone Flyer g&s
Drone Flyer g&s 2 dni temu
Great upload my friend 👍👏👌
n d
n d 2 dni temu
Bonne nuit kit-kat😘😘😘😘
FACTt SHARMA 2 dni temu
Sir your video is amazing beautiful wow wowwwwwwwwwwwww😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Dra. Marcia Karina Bustos Vorphal
que linda es la tierra de ruben doblas/el copias
CybreSmee 2 dni temu
Brought me to tears, unbelievable. Amazing video, thank you!
Red Zone TM YT
Red Zone TM YT 2 dni temu
EZ for ME pc
Issa Fakhro
Issa Fakhro 2 dni temu
I cant find this wunderful place in google maps :(
Rimrock300 11 godzin temu
Here are some examples and keywords; 1:00 'Lysebotn' 18:30 'Lofoten' 26:15 'Lovatnet' (Loen)
romio dj
romio dj 2 dni temu
hope people realize how lucky they are to live so to such beauty this is the living human is supposed to
Fast Furious
Fast Furious 2 dni temu
Nice editing though
Seshu Sai
Seshu Sai 2 dni temu
India 🙄when
I have never seen such a beautiful creation of nature.....thanks a lot
MS KARTHI 2 dni temu
wow very nice view god blessed nation
R R 2 dni temu
Norway is beauty. Such peaceful, calm, majestic, scenic
Scenic Relaxation
Hard to beat Norway's beauty!
not your ordinary guy
sarah mohammed eg
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Anuja's Kitchen
Anuja's Kitchen 3 dni temu
very beautyful place, I want to go and live there.
Scenic Relaxation
You should! :)
Natasha Islam
Natasha Islam 3 dni temu
this is really amazing
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks Natasha!
Andhika Pratama Putra
1:59 this is where i encounter level 20 mountain troll
Scenic Relaxation
Haha the troll is waiting!
GaleofDusk 3 dni temu
Awesome views..more than i could ever expect to see.. i wish there was more original colour punch in the video.. watching in amoled 120 hz .. looks slightly dull
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks mate! I'll have to add more saturation next time.
Manoj Chauhan
Manoj Chauhan 3 dni temu
just amazing
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks Manoj!
Rahul Das
Rahul Das 4 dni temu
Awesome vast incredible ❤️❤️🎉🎉👍👍
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks 🤗
Dongfang JI
Dongfang JI 4 dni temu
Omprakash Naik
Omprakash Naik 4 dni temu
Huy Trần
Huy Trần 4 dni temu
cảnh đẹp! ước gì có ngôi nhà để sống ở đó
Celine Chen
Celine Chen 4 dni temu
I feel that the author is very hard at making videos, I hope your channel is getting better and better
Spoiled Relaxation
Beautiful scenery and audio
Nature Relaxing Music
Swiiish 5 dni temu
Does somebody know the Artist of the music? Especially the First 10min? And maybe somebody knows the Place at 24:00?? Love and Peace
Biswajeet malo
Biswajeet malo 5 dni temu
Beautiful nature I like it 🙏❤️ Norway capital of Oslo Norway 👍
Thiago Mallon
Thiago Mallon 5 dni temu
Scenic Relaxation
Thank you! Cheers!
Theoctoguy 5 dni temu
hahaha funny name it's the same name as that song from that one game mod that has a guy with a red shirt from a 2000s web show fighting a blue haired boy
ali rahimi
ali rahimi 6 dni temu
Its amazing😍
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks Ali!
rose soft
rose soft 6 dni temu
Dhurba Khatri
Dhurba Khatri 6 dni temu
wow what a place ....part of heaven ...this video make me cool ,fresh from nepal
Nature Love Africa
Sothing Relaxation
Nikita Mazari
Nikita Mazari 6 dni temu
what is the name of the piano music from 9.15 to 9.50 please help. Tell me. I will be very grateful,I really need this composition. It helps to plunge into the past. Lose yourself in the thoughts of a person who has not been around for a long time.
Sisinia Bongato
Sisinia Bongato 6 dni temu
Waw beautiful place
Buğra Dursun
Buğra Dursun 7 dni temu
Çok güzel ❤️
RELAKS 7 dni temu
no doubt its beautiful
htg97 7 dni temu
original sounds in videos, please
htg97 11 godzin temu
@Rimrock300 i see
Rimrock300 11 godzin temu
That would just be the noise of wind and drone motors...Better with nice music. When walking in a street filming instead, or in a forest, beach, original sound is the best for sure
Aditya Jha
Aditya Jha 7 dni temu
Best quality of life, best society structure, best security, best environment. Amazing beaches, mountains, snow deserts and most importantly Northern lights. F... yeah, Norway is a dream country to settle.
Dr. Utham babu
Dr. Utham babu 7 dni temu
Wow, beautifully videographed and smoothing bgm. Thank you so much. Love from India 🙏🏾
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks mate!
Soothing Relaxation
So beautiful .... how can anyone dislike this.... thank you
Arleta Wojnar
Arleta Wojnar 7 dni temu
Wspaniałe miejsce, wspaniały widok.
HawK 7 dni temu
im here to see floki's treehouse🙂viking🖤
hermyfromgermy 8 dni temu
Seems like I have to explore my own country
hermyfromgermy 2 dni temu
@Tomás nice.
Tomás 5 dni temu
@hermyfromgermy brazil, I'm 13 years old and when I start working I'll put a lot of money together to be able to move to norway :D
hermyfromgermy 5 dni temu
@Tomás where are you from?
Tomás 6 dni temu
@hermyfromgermy i want to live in norway :(
hermyfromgermy 8 dni temu
@Scenic Relaxation eastern Norway. Close to Oslo
primitive survival thinking
Beautiful 💖
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks friend!
MD. SHAFIUL ALAM 8 dni temu
Otherworldly beauty!
Agent Taufiq
Agent Taufiq 8 dni temu
Masyaallah.. Amazing place.. Thanks to god.. I am from indonesia 😍
Lê Trí Việt
Lê Trí Việt 8 dni temu
heaven from Vietnam
Serenity Everlasting Meditation
I never realized how beautiful Norway is!
Scenic Relaxation
Truly a spectacular country!
Mr Thim
Mr Thim 8 dni temu
Very beautiful
Neil Haas
Neil Haas 8 dni temu
Neil Haas
Neil Haas 8 dni temu
Anibale 9 dni temu
Rahatlatıcı ve Dinlendirici Müzikler
Nice video congratulations
Scenic Relaxation
Thank you so much 😀
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari 9 dni temu
I love beauty of Norway I am from Pakistan
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari 8 dni temu
@Scenic Relaxation Yes welcome
Scenic Relaxation
I need to visit Pakistan!
Music and video
Music and video 9 dni temu
One of the most beautiful countries on the planet I hope one day I can visit it , landscapes are amazing there and its and people are so friendly
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks mate! Hard to beat the beauty of Norway.
Marc Antuán
Marc Antuán 9 dni temu
Scenic Relaxation
Thanks Marc!
Dear All, Stay Safe and Stay at Home 🙏🙏
Bonsai Bueno by Alex B.
Oh my, it's like a paradise... ❤️❤️❤️
Scenic Relaxation
It is pure paradise!
Mohamad Mitu
Mohamad Mitu 9 dni temu
Everybody acknowledging that country as heaven of Earth
Scenic Relaxation
Big facts!
Максим Богданов
Класс, как же это красиво, какие пейзажи, сел бы и смотрел целыми днями
Konstantin Stolyarov
Что я и делаю последнюю неделю...
VISION SPHERE 9 dni temu
beautiful place
Scenic Relaxation
It really is!
Katy Perry - Electric
wyświetleń 10M