Tesher x Jason Derulo - Jalebi Baby (Official Video) 

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Credits -
Artist: Tesher x Jason Derulo
Production: Tesher
Singing/Vocalist: Shweta Subram & Neha Sharma
Lyrics: Tesher & Jason Derulo
Jason’s Recording Engineer: Ben Hogarth
Mix/Master: Tesher
Director: Gil Green
Producer: Andrea Saavedra
Production Company: 305 Films
Video Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
Production Manager: Nataly Arroyo
1st AD: Kelo Thompson
D.P. : Maz Makhani
Production Designer: Rashi Jain
Choreography: Jeremy Kenyel Strong & Divya Jethwani
Jason’s Stylist: Talia Coles
Tesher & Dancer’s Wardrobe Stylist: Saloni Mahajan
Wardrobe Designers: KYNAH & holiCHIC by Megha

Lyrics -
Jason Derulo
[Verse 1]
You know I came here for the cake
Liquor and the money ain't the only thing I chase now
She ain't see the stars in the Wraith
Soon as she got in that motherfucker, had her face down
That my type (that my type)
My sweetie
Could be wifey
If she freaky
Hell of a night, blowing money like Monopoly
I'm a dog, kill the kitty no apology
I know that you wanna get crazy, crazy
Shawty take it slow then cheti, cheti
Come on baby be my Jalebi Baby
Baby let me me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi Baby
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
Oh I really need it
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi I,
I know the things, the things that you like
I know the things, the things that you like
[Verse 2]
Tell me how you feel
Lookin' like a movie star doing it for Reels
Lookin' like a snack, lookin' like a whole meal
Gucci and Chanel with your red bottom heels
Ice drip, like paani
Ban ja tu meri rani
Shawty bad, she my Deewani Mastani
Light it up from Hollywood to Mohali
Tesher and Derulo it's a worldwide party
I know that you wanna get crazy, crazy
Shawty take it slow then cheti, cheti
Come on baby be my Jalebi Baby
You know what imma say
Baby let me me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi Baby
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
Oh I really need it
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi I,
I know the things, the things that you like
Baby let me me see it
Jalebi Baby
Cuz I just wanna eat it
Jalebi Baby
Baby let me
Jalebi Baby
You know I really need it
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi Baby
Baby let me see it
I know the things, the things that you like
Hah, yeah!
Jalebi Baby
Young Tesher and Derulo
Bollywood Hollywood duo
I know the things, the things you like

Music video by Tesher, Jason Derulo performing Jalebi Baby. Capitol Records; © 2021 Namah Music Group Inc., under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.



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Komentarze 56 033   
Tesher 2 miesięcy temu
WE DID IT!! Hope you all enjoy the video and add Jalebi Baby to your summer playlists!!
MuraliKrishna Chenu
U r real tesher
Kamo _ Uzumaki
Kamo _ Uzumaki Miesiąc temu
This is fun
Shamika Mhatre
Shamika Mhatre 2 miesięcy temu
I love your all songs of video you are be excellent singer
Mr. Big Bang Theory The Band
This Is Best Video & Song As The Same Time
NAFISA MARY KHARBANI 2 miesięcy temu
Love the taste 😊😻
Rushi Patel
Rushi Patel 6 minut temu
Am i wrong or tesher do better bhangda then jason?
HMJ 7 minut temu
Indian Pakistani sweet "Jalebi"
Prince Montana
Prince Montana 18 minut temu
Najkab 51 minuta temu
Both of their voices tho 😍😍😍
Nilam Singh
Nilam Singh Godzinę temu
Congratulations! Appna to jalabi ko bi nahi chora. Appko mai India ki haraf sa appko Salam 😃😅😁
Nilam Singh
Nilam Singh Godzinę temu
Nilam Singh
Nilam Singh Godzinę temu
Dj Legend
Dj Legend Godzinę temu
Op bruda
Anup Mree
Anup Mree Godzinę temu
Bangladesh sweet food jaledi
Abishck Kumar
Abishck Kumar Godzinę temu
American love jalebi baby
Monalisha Handique
Monalisha Handique Godzinę temu
Wow...jelebi baby ...
DeathList Gamer
DeathList Gamer Godzinę temu
jalebi baby 🧡🧡🧡
pretty girl engineer 📈📊
I think that Jason take small revenge on Asian boys here, I know Jason dear you are humble baby
Haita Bosumatary
Haita Bosumatary Godzinę temu
I just wanna eat,🤣😅😂😂🤣
sanjana Singh
sanjana Singh Godzinę temu
8ķ3ke1kk32kķi32³ is
Archìe 2 godzin temu
"I just wanna eat it, Jollibee baby" 🤣
Radhika Saxena
Radhika Saxena 2 godzin temu
What can be better than Jason and Tesher doing Bhangra... 💜
Aditya Kumar AC-1204
Aditya Kumar AC-1204 2 godzin temu
Our national sweet on beat 😂😂
Natasha 2 godzin temu
1:46- Ban ja tu meri rani English- Come and be my queen
sahejkaursimmi 2 godzin temu
Wow Jalebi baby Jalebi babay
Lorraine 2 godzin temu
Loving this song xx♥️
Vaishvi Khandelwal
Vaishvi Khandelwal 3 godzin temu
initally, this song used to come in my recommendations but i never listened at that time. now i just listen this song all day.
Asparuh Iliev
Asparuh Iliev 3 godzin temu
Rave Edits
Rave Edits 3 godzin temu
Well done Tesher. On my summer playlist 🎉💃🕺👍
Smiling Me
Smiling Me 3 godzin temu
2:47 Derulo starts awesome Punjabi steps. Amazing… 👍🏻👍🏻 Just keep touching my time spot in blue… do it now…!
Srijeet Mitra
Srijeet Mitra 3 godzin temu
ABCD 4 godzin temu
Children = dancing Boys = singing Girls =singing Legends = scrolling comments
Syed 4 godzin temu
After that Song,Jalebi will be exported to europe like other indian products.
Samarth Mishra
Samarth Mishra 4 godzin temu
Jalebi is not good for our health imarti is healthier, tastier and better than jalebi.
last time
last time 4 godzin temu
Who is watching this song in 2021
enter tainment
enter tainment 5 godzin temu
It is copied from indian song jalebi bai
From iraq🇮🇶 I loved the music
Keturah Mirembe
Keturah Mirembe 5 godzin temu
I love teasher
Motion Gamerz
Motion Gamerz 6 godzin temu
India is now going famous i love india
Bhavesh Chohan
Bhavesh Chohan 6 godzin temu
Best song of 2021
DPlayzYT 6 godzin temu
Funfact:The sponsor of this video goes to Zomato.
Devil gaming
Devil gaming 6 godzin temu
Best song ever
Walkband Musician PK
Walkband Musician PK 6 godzin temu
This song is just amazing!! Lyrics are too good!! Music and beats in the song is just extraordinary!!🥳🎧💪
Treatful Telecast
Treatful Telecast 6 godzin temu
Indian Sweet Jalebi 🤩
Treatful Telecast
Treatful Telecast 6 godzin temu
Amazing song , My friend PK favorite song. .......he is wanting the song more and more .
Treatful Telecast
Treatful Telecast 6 godzin temu
Who searched it up after hearing in shorts...
R e v e r i e ツ
R e v e r i e ツ 6 godzin temu
It's never a Jason Derulo song without "JAaAsOOon DeEeRuLoOOo"
Saloni Turkar
Saloni Turkar 6 godzin temu
2:47 I got freeze when they started Bhangra 💥😰
47 londhe pratik 9thC
47 londhe pratik 9thC 7 godzin temu
Nice song
Qandeel. 7 godzin temu
RoXaN GaminG
RoXaN GaminG 7 godzin temu
Coming Again And Again For His Punjabi Dance He Nailed it
Priti Dwivedi
Priti Dwivedi 7 godzin temu
East and West India is best
GRN Gaming
GRN Gaming 7 godzin temu
Go 100M
Jiya thaker
Jiya thaker 7 godzin temu
Kon Kon insta pe reel se Sun kar ye song sun ne aaye Hai
Paritosh Wankhade
Paritosh Wankhade 7 godzin temu
Fuck there is zomato ad XD
curious Moni
curious Moni 7 godzin temu
I just wanna eat..."😋"!
Kiraキラ 8 godzin temu
thank you ترجمتم الاغنيه 🖤
꧁D̷EM̷ONLORD꧂, 8 godzin temu
Shame of you you acted so rude to bts you didn't even mention there name that savage love was top 100 shame of u
Ken Ereve
Ken Ereve 8 godzin temu
SHR3Y-NESS 8 godzin temu
Look how fast he's growing!! I remember he had just 460k subs last month. Now he's 45K CLOSE TO GET TO A MILLION!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU MAN😎🤩
Mantaka Nazia Rahman
Mantaka Nazia Rahman 8 godzin temu
This is my morning song on the way to work. The catchy and fun tune reduce my work anxiety. Thank you Tesher!!!
miss sparkles ✨
miss sparkles ✨ 8 godzin temu
The last one😁😁😁😂
Sophia J augustus
Sophia J augustus 9 godzin temu
Basically they tryna say they want an Indian snack
Anoop maurya
Anoop maurya 9 godzin temu
Jalebi 😍😍
Harshit Agarwal
Harshit Agarwal 10 godzin temu
She looks like ayesha takia after her lip filler surgery
Mayank Singhal
Mayank Singhal 10 godzin temu
Amazing song 🎵 !!! Keep up the good work guys ✌🤘👍👏 !!! Sending lots of love ❤ , respect 🙏 and of course jalebis from India 🇮🇳 😀😊 !!! Commenting here for better reach 😇 !!!
Ruby CAICEDO LEON 10 godzin temu
I love this very cool music asea is a love
Namir&AyraGamez 10 godzin temu
T Wavy
T Wavy 10 godzin temu
Jalabi is a Pakistani sweets
Moses Faith
Moses Faith 12 godzin temu
RBH MASTER 12 godzin temu
I Love jalebi
Om Sh
Om Sh 13 godzin temu
Amazing song
Smeena Siddiqui
Smeena Siddiqui 13 godzin temu
Nice video and a great song. Mouthwatering jllabees looking good.💝💝💝💝💝🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
Ayush 14 godzin temu
I see some subtle advert of zomato here.
mahsrdi63 srdi63
mahsrdi63 srdi63 14 godzin temu
Jelebi is originally Afghanistan traditional food
Хан Матназаров
Sheeeeeesh 🤭
PiscesPieces 15 godzin temu
what if people got Sheesh from hear
Anahi Poop
Anahi Poop 15 godzin temu
Arif Khan
Arif Khan 16 godzin temu
Best combination of Hindi and English
Not so mainstream
Not so mainstream 17 godzin temu
When he said “Light it up from hollywood to mohali” i felt it... 🤣🤣🤣
Sanjay rana
Sanjay rana 17 godzin temu
I just realised it is a original song...i belief it was a mashup of Jalebi bai song.
Yenhy Montiel
Yenhy Montiel 17 godzin temu
Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh 17 godzin temu
Why there is no name of that girl model...?!!
Moustapha Ben jafer
Moustapha Ben jafer 17 godzin temu
it is a Algerien sweet
triggerd insaan
triggerd insaan 17 godzin temu
Say hail india hail america
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar 17 godzin temu
Best baby doll
Benim tatlı oyunum
Benim tatlı oyunum 17 godzin temu
bantai gaming 84
bantai gaming 84 17 godzin temu
Vikas Gohel
Vikas Gohel 17 godzin temu
Cool Mania
Cool Mania 17 godzin temu
Desi music
vishnu ajithkumar
vishnu ajithkumar 18 godzin temu
അള്ളാ.. ജിലേബിക്ക് പാട്ടാ 😂😂
uaeꫛcaptain 18 godzin temu
It was a sponsor of Zomato that is hit for jalebi baby
Saloni Gupta
Saloni Gupta 18 godzin temu
Yes, its our Indian sweet dish....jalebi
Wasim Hussain
Wasim Hussain 18 godzin temu
It's afgan sweet food
Aman Chauhan
Aman Chauhan 18 godzin temu
We hate the way you waste our indian dessert. Please 🙏 we indian always have first respect for our food.
Tanvir's Studio
Tanvir's Studio 18 godzin temu
Bengali 'Jilapi' 😊☺️🤗
Mou Nã
Mou Nã 18 godzin temu
هذيك زلابية ولا راني غالطة 😐🧐
Шерзод Шарипов
Шерзод Шарипов
2.50 а это часть танцы напоминает мне из фильма" Наступить завтра или нет".Шахрукхан и Саиф Али хан.
Ashaz Jiwani
Ashaz Jiwani 19 godzin temu
Asian people after dinner
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